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Hello Cheese Lovers

this is a message to let you know what is happening with my Cheese Business Pepe Charlot.

As some of you might already know I have left imhoff farm at the end of June and I have found another Goat’s Milk producer in Lambert’s Bay on the West Coast where I will be starting making cheese at the beginning of next week. The milk produced on this farm is excellent and I will follow the same procedure as before which means that the unpasteurized goat’s milk cheese that we will be making will be of the same quality as the one i have been making for the past 10 years. From next week I will have Chevre Frais available and Buches and Buchettes within the next 2 weeks.

You will be able to purchase my cheeses from my house in Kommetjie where i have set up a little Tasting Room called “Chez Pepe” (do not hesitate to sms or whatsapp me on this number 083 3339418 and i will gladly give you direction) the cheese will also be available shortly at my usual retailing places (please contact me so that I can direct you) as well as on delivery like i have been doing in the Past.

I wish to stress that this is a new beginning for me which comes with a few challenges, one being the distance between Kommetjie and Lambert’s Bay, but this is still a better option as my arrangements with Imhoff Farm were not viable anymore, and although they will carry on making cheese there I have no part in it therefore no cheese made at Imhoff is Pepe’s Cheese, just so that you are not mistaken.

I will update you on the future developments and with pictures of the new cheese very shortly.

Thank you very much for your Support over the years.




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