The birth of Pépé Charlot the Cheese Maker

When i came to South Africa in 1993 there was very little cheese on offer and i decide to stop eating any.

Around 2006/7 i met Noel and Zoran, they run a small dairy from home in Linden- Johannesburg

called Narnia Cheese, where they were making some buche (Log) and some Crottins.

Although their cheeses were delicious the business wasn’t working to their satisfaction.

I became one of their regular customers and i told them that if one day they decided to stop Narnia Cheese

they should tell me because it took me almost 15 years to find good cheese and if i had to make it myself i would.

In 2010 they decided to pack up and go to Europe and they called me to offer me to take over Narnia Cheese.

In September 2010 they spent a long week-end with me and tought me how to make their cheese.

I was thrilled, i bought their equipment and started making cheese once a week from my cottage kitchen with milk

i bought from the Agricultural department of the University of Pretoria.

Because of my childhood memories and the role my grand father played in educating me to appreciate good cheese

i decided to name my newly born business after him Pépé Charlot, which means grand father Charles.