Pepe Charlot Now on Airbnb – Learn how goat’s milk Cheese is made.

Visit Chez Pepe: for the next two hours you will watch the milking of the goats (Depending on the time of the year milking time can vary), go on a guided visit of the dairy including the wall of rememberance (pictures and articles explaining where does Pepe Charlot comes from, showcasing and exhibiting recipes made by famous South African Chefs using Pepe’s Cheeses) – the cheese making process including the 4 main steps of cheese making:

Inoculation/Setting/Draining/Moulding – cheese maturation or the Art of turning a mild un-pretentious cheese into a unique mature cheese – cheese educational with cheese tasting including 6 different cheeses (+/- 150gr of cheese – fresh bread – water ) Possibility of Buying Cheese and Cheese Accessories such as Boards, Knives, Soaps. Credit Cards Accepted.

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