Make Cottage Cheese with Pépé Charlot

Hi Cheese Lovers this is the first of a series of videos that we will be putting online about Cheese Making in the next few months. Today Geneve and I are showing you how to make your own Cottage Cheese from the comfort of your home. Over the course of three days you can make a delicious Cottage Cheese or Cream Cheese, which you can spread on bread or Baked Potatoes, crumble in Salads or simply enjoy with Pepper and herbs or with Honey Apple Cider Vinegar and Thyme, to name a few easy recipes. Impress your family and friends making your own Cheese ….. Enjoy it.

Draining the Curd LR

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Pépé has been operating in Kommetjie at the Imhoff Farm for over a year now and although the original plan was to operate both Joburg and Kommetjie the Joburg operation did not survive the move. After a few production problems we have been making cheese since the beginning of the year 2015 and in July we moved out of the original premises into a new dairy called Chez Pépé, equipped with proper dairy machinery the dairy is made the same way as all the small fromageries in France, where the visitors can watch the milking of the goats (twice a day at 8h30 and at 15h30) the cheese making. process the maturation room with cheese being Affiné and have a chance to taste and to purchase both the cheese and some related products such as Cheese boards and Knives, Preserves, Goat's Milk Soap we also offer Cheese tasting - Cheese Platters - Picnics and Cheese Courses. - Tel: 083 333 9418

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