Franck Dangereux talks about his passion for Cheeses

Franck Dangereux from the Foodbarn has been using Cheese extensively, and like a typical Frenchman he thinks there is no particular set time to use/eat cheese as a starter, main course and desert, as long as the Cheese is good,  the more the better. For him it’s like a religion, he even talks about miracle, he is litterally “obsessed” with it. he praises the fact that the Cheese Making in South Africa has come such a long way over the past few years, and some cheeses made here compare to the best one made in Europe.





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Pépé has been operating in Kommetjie at the Imhoff Farm for Four years now And despite a difficult 2017/18 Season due the Drought and the severe water restriction put on all Businesses in the Cape Peninsula the Dairy Chez Pépé has survived and is looking towards a better season 2018/19. The dairy is operating in the same way as all the small fromageries in France, where the visitors can watch the milking of the goats (Between 9h00 and 9h30)and the cheese making process, the maturation room with cheese being Affiné (Matured), and have a chance to taste and to purchase both the cheese and some related products such as Cheese boards and Knives, Preserves, Goat's Milk Soap. We also offer Cheese tasting - Cheese Platters - Picnics and Cheese Courses. - Tel: 083 333 9418 The dairy is open every day from 9H00 till 17H00 except on Mondays and Tuesday when it is closed

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