Making Cheese

Dear Cheese Lovers,

My next Cheese Course dates are not set yet, but it will be held at

Fromagerie Chez Pepe

Imhoff Farm


3 sessions of +/- 2 hours each (time depends on number and desideratas of participants)

We will be making 3  to 4 different cheeses with unpastheurized Goats milk

The Course:

It takes about 3 days to make fresh cheese

1st day Inoculation of the milk, Inoculation comprises the warming of the milk followed by inoculation with a starter (powder which replaces the curd from the previous day which we do not have because we do not produce milk but buy it) and a few drop of rennet in order to kickstart and accelerate the coagulation process of the milk. At the end of this stage the inoculated milk is left to rest and to set for 18 to 24hours

2nd day draining of the curd. At a constant temperature of 20 to 22 degres Celsius and without any disturbance the milk will take 18 to 24 hours to set. The milk has now turned into two new products the Curd (a yogurth like product) and the whey (a byproduct made of most of the water contained in the milk +/- 90% of milk is water) and our Job today will be to drain the curd with Cheeseclothes placed over plastic buckets and into specially made moulds.

3rd day Moulding. +/- 12 to 16 hours later most of the whey is now at the bottom of the bucket and the drained curd (which looks like chunky cottage cheese) is ready to be salted. After weighing the curd in order to calculate how much salt must be added to it. We sprinkle the salt on the curd and mix it carefully. The salt will help getting rid of more whey still contained in the curd and will also dissolve later on during the maturation process. We will then make a few different cheeses: the Chevre Frais very similar to Cottage Cheese is the Raw material for the making of cheeses such as the Crottins, the Buche or Buchette, the Heart of Pepe, but we will also make semi hard cheese such as The Tomme . cheeses are left to drain further

From the 4th day some the Chevre Frais will be ready to be eaten, some will need to be matured. For those the final step consists in letting thePenicilium Candidum Mould to grow from the inside out of the fromage and resemble a white velvety skin which will then take 10 to 12 days to form a harder skin or rim around the cheese which will both protect and help the cheese to mature.

I am looking forward to meeting you and am very excited to teach you how to make unique cheese

The cost of the Course  is R 3000 per person

It includes

– a printed document with the course content including a list of utensils and suppliers as well as recipes
– onsite teaching and assistance over the 3 days
– one tasting with wine every day
– +/- 1,5 kg of Goat Cheese (worth R600)
– a Pepe Charlot Certificate
– a Collector Pepe Charlot Cheese Board

The Course must be fully paid by EFT into the Account below before it is confirmed (put your name as Payment Reference) and we work on a first come first served

Email : your name – your dates – proof of payment to

Gvr Tanesse
Saving Account # 1355341564
Branch Code 470010

Fromagerie Chez Pepe
Imhoff Farm


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