About Me

Pépé has been operating in Kommetjie at the Imhoff Farm for four Years and despite a tough 2017/18 Season due to a severe drought and a consequent sharp drop in Cheese Consumption the dairy Chez Pépé survived and we are now looking forward to a great 2018/19 Season. Chez Pepe dairy is made the same way as all the small fromageries in France, where the visitors can watch the milking of the goats between 9h00 and 9h30 every morning and from wednesday to Sunday watch the cheese making process, the maturation room where cheese is being Affiné (matured) and have a chance to taste and to purchase both the cheese and some related products such as Cheese boards and Knives, Preserves, Goat’s Milk Soap we also offer Cheese tasting – Cheese Platters – Picnics and light meals (salads,Quiche,Tarts) to enjoy at the dairy or to take away – Cheese Courses.

We have credit card facility and we operate from Wednesday to Sunday from 9h00 till 17h00.

Our Range of Cheese varies throughout the Year but can include:

  • The traditional Buche – Buchette and Bouchon
  • The Valencay and Pépé’s Heart
  • The Cabécou
  • The Chèvre Frais / a fresh and creamy cottage cheese
  • The Brown Blue / a specially matured Buche and Buchette which has a strong taste very similar to a blue cheese
  • The Tommes / a Gouda type of Cheese which we make – Plain / with Cumin / and with Fynbos
  • The Goat’s “Parmesan” a dried buche or buchette hard as a Rock and delicious grated over rice, pastas or baked vegetables

All these cheeses are available both at the Dairy now called Chez Pépé and at the Imhoff Farmshop as well as in selected Delis, see the section “Outlets and Restaurant on the homepage”

Our address is:

Chez Pépé
Imhoff Farm
Kommetjie Road

Google Map Link: https://goo.gl/maps/3Sr4YswFxhE2

When entering the farm follow the signs indicating Pépé Charlot Cheese Maker untill you will find yourself in front of the Herd of Goats, 60 goats you can’t miss them you can park all along the goat’s fence.

We are opened from 9h00 untill 17h00 from wednesday to Sunday and our phone number is 0787404956 or 0833339418

Right behind the Goat’s Paddock is la Fromagerie Chez Pépé if you are lost call Pépé on 083 3339418.